Posted: June 16th, 2015

American history in 1800’s

American history in 1800’s

Answer the question about a book
This class is American history in 1800’s. Please make sure that the essay actually answers the questions posed. Please articulate a clear thesis or argument in the first paragraph and use the body of the essay to develop that thesis and to provide specific evidence from Gallagher text. The vast majority of sources should be from the monograph. Please include at least one direct quotation from Gallagher per paragraph.

In Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know About the Civil War, Gary W. Gallagher notes, “Nation stood at the center of the mid-nineteenth-century American crisis—on the one hand a mighty effort to confirm and redefine the United States, and on the other an even more all-encompassing struggle to establish the Confederate slaveholding republic.” What role has nationalism played in the popular remembrance of the Civil War to the present day? Choose 3 of the following traditions to answer the question: the Lost Cause, the Union Cause, the Emancipation Cause, and the Reconciliation Cause. How did each of these traditions define the nation? How has the role of nationalism in Civil War remembrance changed over time? For each tradition, use at least one specific film or work of art to illustrate your argument.

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