Posted: November 10th, 2015

Algorithms (Boyer-Moore)

Algorithms (Boyer-Moore)

Writing Assignment
Imagine it is 1977 and you have decided to adopt Boyer and Moore’s new string

pattern matching algorithm for use in a word processor that you develop and

maintain. In this paper, you will write a short argument for a non-technical

audience to convince them of the strengths of Boyer-Moore over existing approaches

and the benefits that it will bring to users of your word processor. You should

support any claims you makee with clear justifications (e.g., mathematical

calculations, brief logical proofs, citations to the state of the art in computer

hardware/software for the time period).
You should write your paper for a non-technical audience. While you can assume your

audience is familiar with computers and word processing/text editting, you can not

assume that they have any knowldege of computer programming. Your additional

justifications can (and should) be technical in nature, but the primary body of

your paper should target a non-technical audience.
Your paper should be 1 page double-spaced using 1 inch margins and 12pt Times New

Roman font. This is especially short by design to force you to make very concise

arguments. You may include additional pages (a max of 2 additional pages, for a

total of 3) to account for references and justifications as described above. Please

keep in mind the following points of what would make for a good paper:
* The paper presents a clear and convincing argument that favors Boyer-Moore over

existing approaches.
* All claims made in support of this argument are backed up by valid and verifiable

* The paper makes valid assumptions about the technical knowledge of the audience

(i.e., that they have no assumed programming or technical knowledge, an average

consumer). Note that, again, the justifications of the claims in your paper should

be detailed and technical and nature and are not bound by the same assumptions

about audience as the main body of hte paper.


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