Posted: October 9th, 2017

“Alcohol causes people to have worse balance.”

Research on alcohol has shown that the more a person drinks, the worse their motor skills will become, such as walking, coordination, and balance. Dr. Hernandez decided to test this claim by randomly assigning volunteers to two groups in which people either drank alcohol or not. Ten people drank 6 oz. of vodka in one hour; 10 people drank 6 oz. of water in one hour. Dr. Hernandez predicted that people in the alcohol group will not be able to balance on one foot for as many seconds as people in the water group.

What is the Independent Variable (IV)?

What is the experimental group?

What is the control group?

What is the Dependent Variable (DV)?

Please identify the theory by cutting-and-pasting it here.

Please identify the hypothesis by cutting-and-pasting it here.

Dr. Hernandez found that people in the alcohol group balanced for significantly fewer seconds on one foot than the people who drank water. Given these results, was his hypothesis supported?

Based on the results from #7, which of the following statements can Dr. Hernandez say:
“Alcohol causes people to have worse balance.”
“Drinking alcohol and balancing are related, but we do not know which causes which.”
“Being able to balance well causes you to drink less alcohol.”
“Drinking alcohol and balancing are not related.”

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