Posted: January 31st, 2017

Do you agree with Fletcher and Newkirk that narrative deserves more prominence?

WHOLE GROUP Forum: Exploring / Debating the Common Core It is impossible to discuss reading at the secondary level without discussing the recent arrival and impact of the Common Core Standards. The readings this week included an introduction to the Common Core Standards, as well as a range of reactions and responses to the introduction of the Common Core Standards. I’m hoping to get some great conversation and debate going here. I’m excited to read your opinions and see what you think. ⢠Choose and quote THREE statements from this week’s required readings that caught your attention and got you thinking. Explain in detail your reaction to / connection to / thinking regarding each of these three statements. Be sure to cite your source. Your three quotes should be drawn from at least two texts. At least a paragraph should be written about each of the quotes you choose. ⢠I saw Ralph Fletcher and Thomas Newkirk speak at the NCTE conference in Boston in 2013. They were speaking on behalf of narrative and storytelling and advocated for the power of story and its presence within any genre. How do you feel about the emphasis on informational texts and the standards connected to this genre? Do you agree with Fletcher and Newkirk that narrative deserves more prominence? ⢠The Common Core Standards have divided the education world. There exist critics (such as Diane Ravitch or Susan O’Hanian) and supporters. What is your reaction to and opinion of the Common Core Standards after reading the standards themselves and the supporting texts? Do these standards and their requirements fit your philosophy? Are there elements of the Common Core that you either love or dislike? Are these standards influencing the world of secondary reading for better or for worse? Where do you stand on the issue? More resources How We Really Comprehend Nonfiction by Thomas Newkirk: Diane Ravitch Blog Post:­is­david­coleman/

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