Posted: December 24th, 2015

Dubai Smart City and Buildings: users perception toward using technology provided by Dubai Smart City.

SSIGNMENT: Research question, significance, aims and literature review
Project Summary
This should have its own page, be no more than 200 words and include:
(Please use each point below as a sub title for project summary section.)
1- A statement of the issue that the proposed research will address.
2- The type(s) of research methods used (quantitative, qualitative, mixed
methods, etc.).
3- Sample size and population.
4- Site of the study.
5- Analysis tools.
6- Statement of impact.
I. Research question and significance
Clearly state the research question that the study will address. Make a case for why the proposed research is important and innovative, how it will present a fresh point of view, or how it develops or improves tools, processes, technologies, etc. Which authors have pursued a question similar to or related to yours? Did they do it well or badly? Sub-questions can be used to add further clarity to the research question, reflect a particular approach or combination of approaches etc. Indicate the data/info required to address main question.
Briefly embed the research question in the context of relevant body of knowledge that led to the question under study. What characteristics describe the literature-to-date on the topic, e.g. heavily theoretical, based on single case studies, explorative, based on a conceptual framework or a strong theoretical framework.
Pertinent literature will be critically analyzed in a later section of this assignment.
Describe how the research will increase knowledge in the field and what critical gaps it will fill; identify the managerial problem that the research will address and how it will improve the practice of project management.

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