Posted: August 17th, 2015

ACF Theory Articles Analysis

ACF Theory Articles Analysis

Order Description

I need a critique of nine articles (attached) with regard to the Advocacy Coalition Framework that forms the basis of each article. As below, the critique needs to have a general introduction and conclusion but the body of the critique needs to be broken up separately into the analysis of the nine articles (with clear headings of which article is being analysed).

• INTRODUCTION (250 words)
Introduction on the Advocacy Coalition Framework theory and broad principles, etc.

• CRITIQUE OF NINE ARTICLES (approx. 400 words for EACH article)
Points to address when analysing EACH article:

1. Background

2. Research Question(s)

3. Methodology

4. Research Structure
a. Number and type of interviews
b. Questions posed
c. Issues addresses
d. Research rationale

5. Specifics of Findings

6. Empirical Evidence

7. Observations and influences for further research

• CONCLUSION (250 words)
Why is the ACF theory perhaps a better theory than others in terms of analysing and implementing public policy?

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