Posted: August 7th, 2015


Assignment instructions
Financial statement analysis
You are newly appointed business analyst of an Investment company, Money Smart Pty Ltd. The director has asked you to evaluate the financial health of JB HI-FI.
“Assignment 2 Template” Complete the tab labelled ‘Question 1’.
Table1. Extract or compute relevant figures from financial statements (and notes) included in annual report for JB HI-FI for 2014 and 2013 financial years Table 1;
Table 2. Complete the ‘Formula’ column (First one completed for you as an example) and the column labelled ‘2014’ (Strictly use formula only by pulling figures from table 1. Don’t key ratios answer directly into the table?
Write a report to the director of Money Smart Pty Ltd on invest potential and financial health of the JB HI-FI. Your report should contain the followings details:
– Executive summary
– Descriptions of operations
Evaluations and Comparison of the ratios for the followings areas (discussion should include a MINIMUM OF 2 RATIOS calculated in
PART A for each of the following areas for each year)
• Performance
• Efficiency
• Short term liquidity
• Long term Solvency

– Limitations of analysis
– External influences affecting performances
– Conclusions including recommendations to Money Smart Pty Ltd
IMPORTANT NOTES: Report should not be more than four (4) pages including cover page, contents page and reference, font size of 11 and 1.5 for line spacing.

Manage the Business through Budgeting
On Assignment 2 Template Tab/worksheet mark Question 2
As a newly employed accountant for ABC Ltd you have decide to undertake some budgeting for the 2014 year. In preparing for 2014 budget you have accounting assistant provide the following data for the company’s two products – WX and ZY as shown in table 1 below.
Table 1

Budget Data WX YZ
Sales budget Estimated sales in units 35,000 25,000
Unit selling price $35.00 $48.00
Production budget Desired ending finished goods units 5,840 3,280
Beginning finished goods units 4,300 27,00
Direct materials Direct materials per units (kilograms) 2 3
Desired ending materials kilograms 8,500 5,100
Beginning direct materials kilograms 10,000 7,000
Cost per kilogram $3.50 $4.20
Direct labour budget Direct labours hours per units 15.9 14.5
Direct labour rate per hour $15.50 $15.50
Budgeted income statement Total unit cost $13.20 $21.90

The account manager has prepare the detailed manufacturing overhead budget and the selling and administrative expense budget and provides you with data as seen in table 2 below.
Table 2:
$ $
Selling expenses 104,000 82,000
Administrative expenses 28,000 28,000

In tab ‘Question 2’ of the same excel file you used for question 1, input data for table 1 & 2 as provided and prepared the following budgets for the two products for ABC Ltd:
I. Sales budget;
II. Production budget;
III. Direct materials budget;
IV. Direct labour budget; and
V. Budgeted income statement
Write a report to the board of directors summarising the results of each budget that you have prepared in part (A). You report should also explain the purpose of each budget and the importance of the budget process for ABC Ltd.

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