Posted: March 2nd, 2017

According to the new learning structure the learners are free to select the course according to their requirements and this fosters better problem solving.

Introduction While living in this world, there are some the basic factors which are in compulsion to be considered, among from them one of them which is at the top in the chart is the health factor. Also paart from this there are some several other factors like educational and the learning areas which are taken care in the daily routine of life. The process of the education is quite slow because of the old techniques which are present the learners are unable to get the central idea that is delivered by the instructor. Now a days something is being very famous these days which is the Gamification process which increases the learning levels in the classroom and the habits of the identification habits among the learners. Gamification and its influences There are so many ways in which researchers and the application related to gamification affects the learning. There is a very known and highlighted approach these days for applying the process of gamification by implementing a reward system. One should learn how gamification can be explored by applying the various learning designs related to the environment. The fun and the games should also be added in this so that the learning becomes interesting. The designing of the tools, resources, roles and the context should also be present in the learning process. These things can be said to be the influences which gamification has (Groh, 2012). Teachers teaches various tactics like graphical representation and other modes that can give better idea to the students, but the facts state that students require something better. The gamification process is the best practice that is developed and is better from all the aspects. This approach is designed in order to motivate the learners and have a good clear concept to understand. The video games can be used in the learning process creates an environment that is easy to understand and the core goal of gamification is to provide full enjoyment to the learners (Iyengar, 2005). The major influence that has occurred in the field is that the games are the best resources and the concepts of the games can be used in the studies as well. The elements here are completely defined and this makes the application of the concept easier. The next influence is on the students behavior which will change after the gamification process. Science is also supporting gamification these days. When in the activities the students participate there bodies and the minds releases some hormones which are known as endorphins. By playing the elearning games the same level can also be achieved which gives challenge to the learners so that one can have mentally more fun. Endorphins are the neurotrnasmitters , as they have that much of capability to send the signals between the neurons. The other influence is on the behavior of the students that is likely to change after the process of gamification because the learning activities become interactive in comparison with the other methods. Apart from this, there are many other benefits as well because the presence of the students in the classroom is likely to increase after its implementation. There is some basic difference between the learning and the gamification. Gamification is about the software .management is setting up this software and using it. And in the learning process there is more practically in the learning process and it is better than orally. With the generous points the experience is counted in the gamification process but in the learning process teaching is preffered(Adams, 2003). There are various technologies which are used these days in the gamification such as the mobile, 3D environment, in-house, non digital. MS Office is highly used these days in the gamification process. Technology has played a very important role these a days in the gamification process. Oracse, wiki, and other java are highly used in the gamification process. Hardware technologies are also to be taken care of. These software are used a lot in the process of gamification and learning and motivate the usera as it complrtes their work fast nad also gives the better results. But still many of the new technologies which can be of great help are missing and not being implemented, so they shouls be implemented. Here also the basic comprehension of syntax and mechanics are discussed. Basically the rules and the porinciples set that the structure of sentences are formed in the particular given language . it refers the principles nad the process mainly. And this is some hoe related to the mechanism as they are taking care of it and equally supporting it to the whole. Science that works behind the motivation of learners The gramification process is just about the motivation and increasing the willingness of the people. And also with it the participation is equally achieved and can be termed as the biological process. The chemical commands are the scientific rules by neurons and get the things according to the requirements. The body generally emits the dopamine from the body when there is sensation od satisfaction in the body and also with the learners the same thing to their satisfaction. When the explanation has been given with the help of the various games, then there are some hassle free methods which are developing in their own way. And this can be said to be the science mechanism which works behing the gamification process. According to the new learning structure the learners are free to select the course according to their requirements and this fosters better problem solving. Values are also the factors that are counted because the level of values decides the interest and this also helps in boosting the confidence. IF the learners are willing to investigate then the values will help in creating a supportive environment that will be better for solving the complex situations. . Values are also the factors that are counted because the level of values decides the interest and this also helps in boosting the confidence. The competence last step and this is the real thing and according to this himans are also developing the various learning skills (Juul, 2003). Methods of teaching and learning with the gamifying There are amny of the varieties the games are referred in the l;earning process and also there are huge things which are considered. Some of the points in this process are highly elaborated and all these are related with the learners interest. Also several things are covered in this perspective and the reason is the classroom where the games are fostered and the positice results are achieved in a ll times.

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