Posted: April 6th, 2015

A solution for the homegrown terrorism problem with Somali community in Minnesota

A solution for the homegrown terrorism problem with Somali community in Minnesota

Order Description

You have already written the annotated bibliography for this. Now you just need to write the paper itself. There were two version of the annotated, I want you to use the revised one. Use at least four to six sources from the annotated bibliography which I attached, and you may already have in you possession. Last time I lost a lot of time correcting some grammatical errors and sentence structures, please try as much as you can to write this paper beautiful. I also need power point presentation for this.
I won’t have time to revise, so please try to address all this points and half head title for every issue, so I can see that you are really addressing them.
This the order details.
The problem of Somali Homegrown terrorists in Minnesota and how to solve. This about homegrown terror in the United States, but you mainly focus on Somali Muslim Community in Minneapolis and or Minnesota, or somewhere else in the USA.
1 – Little background about Somalis who live in the USA and how they end up there.
2 – Little background information about Somalis who left from Minnesota or the USA and join terrorists in Somalia or ISIS or other organization. (You can find enough sources if you google)
2 – How homegrown terrorism can be a problem for USA.
3 – What makes someone who grew up or born in the USA, especially Minnesota homegrown terror, or make them feel alienated or they are not enough American.
4 – How the problem can be solved (You have to propose solution) the solution must be mainly how to address what causes the problem rather than how to fight it.
5 – Conclusion

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