Posted: April 26th, 2016

How to find online sources for data ?

For this assignment, you will begin your annotated bibliography, which will be submitted as a draft in Unit 6 and in its final copy in Unit 9. Your annotated bibliography should be a record of the sources that you read for your essays in this course. You should make entries in the annotated bibliography as you read the sources so that you will be able to use the annotations (notes) in creating your essays. For this assignment, you will need to write just one entry in the annotated bibliography.

To complete the assignment:

View the tutorial on the annotated bibliography.
Choose an essay in the Reid text for your entry. You could use the essay that you are reading for the summary and response essay.
Write the entry, including the reference in APA style and the annotation (note). Be sure to save this file. You will be adding to it throughout the course. You will find a template in the Resources to use for your entry.
Attach your file and submit it to this assignment.
Read the comments from your instructor when the entry to the annotated bibliography is returned to you. Make any changes that are necessary based on the comments.

Setting Up Your Annotated Bibliography

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