Posted: April 26th, 2016

Are they a varied and diverse group of people, representing different ages, ethnicity, professional interests?

For this assignment, you will write a rough draft of a summary and response essay. You have analyzed a student sample of this type of essay in the discussion for this unit. Your rough draft should be as close to a polished version as possible.

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to summarize and respond to an essay from the Reid text.
Audience: The audience is an academic audience. Your readers are your classmates and instructor. Think about what you know about the people in your class and your instructor. Are they a varied and diverse group of people, representing different ages, ethnicities, professional interests, and religious and political beliefs? Consider how these characteristics will influence your writing.
Topic: Read an essay from the Reid text in your topic of interest. This is the general area that you will be writing about in Essays 2 and 3. Write an essay of 3–4 pages, double-spaced, in which you first summarize the essay, and then respond to it. Follow the process explained in the Reid text, Chapter 5, pages 110–111 and 129–138. Use one of the suggested outlines for summary and response essays on pages 136–137 to draft your paper.

To complete the assignment:

Write the rough draft of your essay.
Attach it to this assignment and submit.
Read the comments from your instructor when the draft is returned, and ask your instructor any questions that you have. Use these comments to help you revise the paper to submit in Unit 4.

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