Posted: April 21st, 2016

how do you communicate this situation to the clients/customers who are in this scenario, patients of the VA?

In no less than 100 words; respond to the following question: 1) I know I left my stuff right here, I only turned around for a second but when I looked back it was gone!…. In this example we talk about an accidental leak in communication. What about a situation where employees are working hard and information is stolen, literally stolen. Over the years employees of the Veterans Administration have taken their work home with them on laptop computers and had their computers stolen from them. The following was an excerpt about one such situation taken from Information on Veterans Affairs Data Security Issue Media Inquiries: (202) 273 6000 In May 2006, a laptop computer and hard drive containing sensitive data was stolen from a Department of Veterans Affairs employee s home. The equipment was recovered and the FBI concluded that no veterans personal information was accessed or compromised. Even before the equipment was recovered, VA undertook numerous actions to ensure the safety and security of veterans information. Since the incident, all VA employees have received training in the proper handling of sensitive information and laptop computers throughout the department have had reliable data encryption programs installed. VA Secretary Jim Nicholson is committed to making the department the gold standard for all of government in the area of information security. VA remains unwavering in its resolve to become the leader in protecting personal information, training and educating our employees in best practices, and establishing a culture that always puts the safekeeping of veterans personal information first, Nicholson said. The VA system utilizes SS numbers and Driver s license information as part of their identifiers, and the laptop in question contained a massive data base of patient information. Q: As the manager how do you communicate this situation to the clients/customers who are in this scenario, patients of the VA?

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