Posted: March 10th, 2016

Design of an iOS Application

Presentation on the Design of an iOS Application (30%)

As part of the learning on this module, you will be going through a set of lab exercises on developing a simple ‘Contacts’ application for the iOS platform. Several core programming skills will be relayed to you through these exercises – such as:
• using the system console to debug application,
• creating a Mobile User Interface,
• using your own custom classes to manage the data,
• manage collections of objects in memory,
• persist objects to a more permanent form of storage,
• understanding and applying design patterns in iOS applications,
• exploring and learning new Frameworks and APIs to extend your programming, etc.

For the first part of your assessment on this module you are expected to consider how you would use the skills acquired to research, design and present an ORIGINAL iOS application idea of your own that aims to deploy the skills learnt in the labs.

In your presentation of your application idea, you should include:

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