Posted: June 7th, 2016

You have decided to open an acrylic removable prosthetic commercial dental
Laboratory. You need to name the business, plus you need to check with the ASIC if the business name is still available. You must decide the best location in Victoria for the laboratory and the vacant shop is to have floor space of 65sqm (4.40metres wide and 14.80 metres long). You are required to research and design the floor plan and where each item/equipment should be placed in a commercial prosthetic Dental Laboratory.
• You need to make a template outlining how you will market your business to dentists to advertise the new business
• Ensure maintenance and resource handling is in accordance with established EPA and occupational health and safety requirements.
• Present budget plans for the business.
• Ensure acquisition and storage of resources is in accordance with commercial dentallaboratory requirements, is cost effective.
• Outline how resource acquisition processes are to be reviewed to identify improvements in future resource acquisitions
• You need to calculate estimates of future and present business resource needs in accordance with your plans to employ 2 more staff and expand the business within 2 years.
• Projected gross income, running costs and net returns/profits

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