Posted: February 7th, 2016

dentify the deliverables and resources (roles/function) responsible for each deliverable/sub-deliverable.

Develop a WBS for your project selection (from the attached file)

You must save and submit the MS Project file in a view where all applicable fields and graphics are visible when opened.

  1. Identify at least 4 major components/deliverables and provide at least 5 levels of detail for every deliverable. (ex: If there are 4 major deliverables x 5 levels there will be 20 lines in the WBS).
  2. Identify the deliverables and resources (roles/function) responsible for each deliverable/sub-deliverable.
  3. Submit a graphical representation reflecting all elements.
  4. Briefly describe the project (scope and/or description from your charter) you are using for this WBS in the submission commentssection also.

(Hint: Refer to PMBOK Chap 5, pg. 125+, LG Chap 4, pg. 108+, MyCourses /Lessons/Course Materials/ WBS Tutorials)

Part B

Using your project topic attached on the assignment  and your WBS, create a project schedule using MS Project. Remember the WBS is a list of deliverables and sub deliverables only. The project schedule will expand on this by further identifying the sub deliverables and identifying supporting activities and tasks.

  1. Your schedule must have at least 100 deliverables, activities, tasks total.
  2. You will need to include a start and end date for all tasks and activities.
  3. Assign resources to every activity and task. (Remember equipment, labor, materials, etc. are considered resources.)
  4. Identify costs for every resource and reflect all resource costs for every activity and task.
  5. Identify predecessor tasks/activities to every relevant activity and task.

Submit three items:

  1. Enter the project description, scope, overview in the comments section of the drop box.
  2. Submit first MS Project file reflecting all of the five items above (one view only).
  3. Submit second MS Project file reflecting the graphical representation of the critical path. (one view only)

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