Posted: September 2nd, 2015

Assessment:- written evaluation of recorded interview.
And demonstrate your understanding of the counseling skills.
In the evaluation you are required to reflect on how effective you were; what you did well, what not so well; and to give some suggestion for improvement. As this a reflection piece of work, it is acceptable to use the first person (‘I’); however, it still involves academic analysis.
Your evaluation should be written as an essay with an introduction and a conclusion. You need to explain the theory behind the skills you have used and properly reference these from at least five different sources to support your claims.
For this assignment use this criteria:-
1. Appropriate Introduction
2. Attending behavior( body language, eye contact, etc.)
3. Use of open and closed questions
4. Use of Reflection of content( minimal encourages, paraphrases, and summaries).
5. Use of Reflection of feeling.
6. Expression and referencing.

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