Posted: January 8th, 2016

specialist feature article

Guidelines: Please write a feature article – NOT AN ESSAY OR PROFILE – ready for publication in a newspaper section, magazine or web site catering for readers particularly interested in your chosen area of specialisation. You may choose any issue you believe is of particular topical interest to your readership •Length: 1,500 +/- 10%; Due 11:55pm Friday 8 January 2015 •Ensure the name of your publication (use a real one) is at the top of the page. •VISUALS … 1. As we are “all visual journalists now” – and you have only 1,500 words – you must also provide, a clear practicable briefing for pictures, AND a TRANSCRIPT of AUDIO/VIDEO if using. Pic briefing/audio/video transcript is not included in word count. 2.Also create and provide infographics or other illustration if using them; You may box off texts (included in word count). I recommend you use the Birkbeck at Night Feature Plan to frame your thoughts and copy it into the bottom of your feature Please also provide a headline of 8 words maximum •ASSESSMENT: •The work will be assessed on how well it targets the typical specialist reader in terms of –engagement (captivating introduction, flow and story arc of the main body text, conclusion that leaves the reader thinking/even perhaps reconsidering prior stance, effective use of quotes, colour and contrast) and –displaying understanding what he/she is looking for (authoritative reporting via a certain specialist knowledge, awareness of what is significant in the field and topic, AND accessibility); –A clear focus or angle; –Appropriate research and application of it; –Direct, active and colourful writing style; –Construction of a strong, coherent Whole Package: innovative, relevant and practicable picture/video/audio/illustration/infographic ideas for expanding on a key aspect in the story or telling a complementary story– providing, for example, more information or setting it out more clearly, or conveying a missing human element, mood, emotion, note of authenticity.

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