Posted: January 7th, 2016

Consumer culture theory (CCT)

ONE (1) MARKETING KEYWORD: The first choice is to select one (1) marketing keyword from the following list:
 Advertorial (advertising and editorial)
 Anthropomorphism
 Brand equity
 Cause-related marketing
 Chugger (charity and mugger)
 Cold calling
 Consumer culture theory (CCT)
 Consumer sovereignty
 Deceptive advertising
 Early adopter
 Ethical consumer (or ethical consumption)
 Experience economy
 Freemium (free and premium)
 Generation X
 Glocal (global and local)
 Kidult (kid and adult)
 Macromarketing
 Millennials
 Price segmentation
 Product innovation
 Servicescape
 Sharing economy
 Social marketing
 Subvertising (subversive and advertising)
 Target market
 Telemarketing
 USP (unique selling proposition)
(Some of the marketing keywords are portmanteau words – ‘a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others’ such as brunch from breakfast and lunch or, of most recent use, jeggings from jeans and leggings and frenemy from friend and enemy – represent clever marketing communications. Popular keywords like 4Ps, diffusion of innovations, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, product life cycle, and product placement have been excluded.)

TWO (2) ORGANIZATIONS AND/OR INDIVIDUALS: In discussing the selected marketing keyword explicit reference in your response must be made to at least two (2) organizations and/or individuals. The organizations can be from the for-profit, not-for-profit, or public sectors of the economy. Organizations can be from different sectors. The individuals can be writers associated with a keyword.

AT LEAST FIVE (5) READINGS: In addition, there is a requirement to access and use at least five (5) readings to support the discussion of the selected marketing keyword.
Assessment of Assignment 2 includes the ‘level of reading’, which includes how readings are applied in your response, and the ‘quality of referencing’. You are reminded that, as in the case of Assignment 1, ‘intellectual qualities expressed’, ‘structure and organization’, and ‘writing style’ continue to be used as assessment criteria.

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