Posted: December 30th, 2015

Start using mediology to apply to some aspect of society, culture and / or medi

Second Assignment: Start using mediology to apply to some aspect of society, culture and / or media.

This week’s reading: Debray, Regis (2004c) God: an itinerary, London: Verso, pp. 1-10, 232-41.

Week ten: A Mediological Analysis of YouTube: Mediological Analyses 3

Even though YouTube is quite young and not the natural object for mediological analysis – this source by a US student shows how we might use mediology to get at distinctive aspects of YouTube’s usage.

This week’s reading: Hughes, LiIian [Irvine, Martin] (2011) ‘Replay, like, share: A mediological analysis of digital memorials and fantasy on YouTube’ [Accessed 14th July 2011]

You will also need to watch the examples Hughes uses online in order to assess her mediological analysis.

Second Assignment: You should be developing a good example / case study to analyse using mediology. Come and see me in my office hours to discuss this further.

Week eleven: Mediology and Transportation: Mediological Analyses 4

Use of bicycles and cars has changed the way we think about women’s bodies and changed the shape of urban living. How and to what extent is there a distinctive mediological way of exploring the use of these devices?
This week’s readings:

Guillaume, Marc (2001) ‘Automobile’, The Mediology Paper, No. 12, pp. 1-4 [Accessed 13th February 2008]

Lavenir, C. Bertho (2011) ‘How? The bicycle is not a medium? Back to a mediological question’ cbertholavenir_com/2011/07/how-bicycle-is-not-medium-back-to.html” target=”_blank”> [Accessed August 10th 2011]

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