Posted: December 18th, 2015

Provide an APA citation for each article. Your annotation should include the following:


  • The history, structure, and function of the EU (recall that the EU was formerly known as the European Economic Community)
  • The future goals and directions of the EU
  • Individual countries that are part of the EU and their relationship with other nations within the EU
  • The future of some particular nations in the EU which have introduced economic instability into the EU, such as Greece and Spain
  • Countries that are seeking to be a part of the EU
  • Other aspects of the EU


Provide an APA citation for each article.  Your annotation should include the following:


  • What is the purpose of the article?
  • How did you decide that the article you chose was credible and used the appropriate strategy to study the EU?
  • What were the main results of the article?
  • How does the article provide a unique and effective contribution to understanding the EU?


Each annotation for an article should be at least 150 words.


Please visit the following websites to help you write your annotated bibliographies:

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