Posted: November 28th, 2015

Response to answers given

I have 3 questions that have been answered all ready. All I need is a response to each of the answers. The responses must be at least 4 sentences long for each one.

Question 1

Since you are in the process of completing your AAS degree, you may feel that you are done with education, classrooms and studying for a while. Right now, you may not be able to fathom any more school. In reality, even if you don’t wish to pursue your Bachelor’s degree, you will need to decide how you are going to stay on top of changes in your industry, and ensure your education stays relevant in our changing business atmosphere. How important do you feel it is to continue your education or participate in professional development opportunities? Is this something you will do once you are in the workforce? Why or why not?

Respond to this… To keep up to date on the accounting I would continue to go to school and keep up with the laws and regulation. I can go back to a college and take over 70 CPE courses that total up to 1200 available CPE credit hours. (CEP credit) With that courses have been broken into 8 credit hours or smaller for the Modules. These classes can be taken over a year’s times, and will only cost $139.00 per year.

I feel that it is very important to keep up to date with accounting, by knowing what is going on, you are able to keep your employer knowing that you have all the current information, and by going to classes to learn shows them that you are making sure that you are thinking of the company when you are learning more.

Question 2

Capitalism or Socialism? Which one do you think is more dominant in the U.S. economy today?

This is your opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas on the American economy today.

Be sure to provide examples to defend your position. If using a specific reference make sure to cite the source.

Respond to this… Socialism is a system that organizes a society to make industries owned and controlled by the government rather then these industries being owned my individuals and companies.

Capitalism is opposite of socialism. Capitalism is organizing the economy to make transportable products owned by and individual or company instead of the government.

I believe that our country is a capitalist economy. We as Americans are encouraged to contribute to our society in many ways. I think that small business owners are a great example of a capitalist economy. So many Americans have made a name for themselves in their communities by owning a small business. And the community around them are usually the biggest supporters and promoters. Small businesses are a great way to help sustain the economy and something that I hope continue to grow.


 Question 3

Fleury’s algorithm is a way to explain how to find an Euler circuit or Euler path. An algorithm, in general, is a method or procedure that one can use to determine a solution to a problem. But an algorithm can be used to solve real world problems, as well, such as to make a sandwich.

Create your own algorithm (procedure) to make a sandwich and share it here. Then, explain why your procedure is the one you chose. In your response, compare your notes with a peer and explain how the other algorithm differed from your own.

Respond to this…  I would first start off by getting 2 slices of bread of any kind you like. Put the bread upside down on a part of counterop if you want. Take either mustard, mayonnaise, relish, or whatever you like to.put on your sandwich. Grad your lunch meat of the kind you like and put on as many slices as you like. Then lastly you would grab lettuce, tomatoes onions, cucumbers, or whatever you may like to top off your sandwhich and then put the two pieces together and enjoy! I used this method since it is the easiest and most common way someone would make a sandwich. The directions allowed people to know exactly what to put on after the next as well. (In your response, compare your notes with a peer and explain how the other algorithm differed from your own.)


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