Posted: November 26th, 2015

The Economic Impact of Adopting Bitcoin as an Alternative Payment of Goods and Services

need to illustrate way bitcoin is more trusted , e.g solving the double spending issue and it’s only peer to peer no third party getting in to do the transfer e.g banks or Paypal , so less risk of fraud and also more cheaper in transaction fees ,also need to illustrate the expanding usage of bitcoin as payment for goods or service or for gambling and for charity, rise the areas that bitcoin is more likely be used , e.g. Zimbabwe as alternative way to pay for goods instead of it’s national currency due to egressive inflation and the loss of it’s value in short time, so bitcoin is more stable as it’s value more likely to increase as the more usage of bitcoin the value of it increase (please mention the bitcoin historical exchange value against the us dollar and also the number of transaction in the same period since 2007

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