Posted: March 22nd, 2016

1. What is the prevalence of multi-morbidity in secondary care (hospital) populations?

Project Research Questions
1. What is the prevalence of multi-morbidity in secondary care (hospital) populations?
2. What is the trend over time?
3. Does multi-morbidity impact on the length of stay, readmission rate and mortality?

You will undertake a systematic review of the published literature searching Medline, Embase and other appropriate literature databases. You will design a data extraction tool and use this for critically appraising and extracting data from the studies you identify. You will create evidence summary tables and will use these in a descriptive analysis. Meta-analysis will be conducted if the data allow.

the proposal will take the format of
1.2.1 Introduction
The review protocol sets out the methods to be used in the review. Decisions about the
review question, inclusion criteria, search strategy, study selection, data extraction,
quality assessment, data synthesis and plans for dissemination should be addressed.
Specifying the methods in advance reduces the risk of introducing bias into the review.
For example, clear inclusion criteria avoids selecting studies according to whether their
results refl ect a favoured conclusion.

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