Posted: April 6th, 2016

1.4 Evaluate how the organisational structure impacts on the communication methods used

This unit aims to develop knowledge of those aspects of organisations that concern and support people. This includes communication practices, teamwork, remote working and other organisational structures. Using this knowledge learners will be able to review the impact of workplace practices on people
4,   QQI Level 6
Assignments in accordance with awarding organisation guidance
Assessment Criteria
The learner can:
1.1 Analyse the benefits of effective communication to organisations
1.2 Analyse policies and procedures that are used to enhance communication within organisations
1.3 Outline legislation relevant to communication within organisations
1.4 Evaluate how the organisational structure impacts on the communication methods used
2.1 Assess the benefits of team working to individuals and organisations
2.2 Analyse why teams might fail to meet their objectives
2.3 Evaluate the impact of leadership styles on teamwork
3.1 Explain the implications of the different ways in which people work ‘remotely’
3.2 Evaluate common working practices used by those working remotely in different contexts
3.3 Analyse the leadership styles suitable for remote working
4.1 Explain how HR departments can provide support to people within the workplace
4.2 Assess policies and procedures designed to support people in the workplace
4.3 Assess practices used to support people in the work place
5.1 Assess workplace practices that impact on people within organisations
5.2 Make recommendations to improve staff and managers experience of the workplace

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