Posted: April 3rd, 2015

 Corporate Social Responsipility

Corporate Social Responsipility

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been adopted as rhetoric and a window dressing strategy, not as an ethical principle or a structural change that could transform business practice and its relationships with society and the environment.

the relations ethically. the essay should provide a balanced discussion of the arguments for and against, supported by reasoned arguments and by research and theory drawn from academic literature on CSR properly referenced.

As an indication here are some areas of ethical and political concern that your essay could engage with to discuss advantages or limitations of CSR policies, practices or cases (NB. You are not required to choose your area of concern from this list, these topics are provided for indicative purposes only):

Sustainability and environmental problems.

the example. These could be a company’s CSR commitments and practices, a comparison between CSR policies, a controversial case BP oil Spill in gulf of Mexico, and shell spill in Nigeria. or Starbucks tax avoidance.
Here you should: l) look at different definitions from the relevant literature and compare a few of them (for instance, some might involve only social responsibilities, other include environmental, and other political such as Corporate how CSR is meant to be implemented (you might want to mention or focus on some practices more relevant to your example or case (e.g. Stakeholder engagement, CSR reporting conclude arguments “L”

and critiques “against” CSR. This should help you to build a working definition that you will choose to use in your essay to analyses and evaluate your example.

The following can be helpful (do not limit yourself to these CSR

discussed in a wide range of academic contexts.

-Journal of corporate citizenship

-Business ethics

-Journal of business ethics

-Business ethics quarterly

-European Journal of Business Ethics

-Asian journal of business ethics

-Corporate social-responsibility and environmental management

– For Business Ethics, Campbell jones,Martin Parker and Rene ten Bos.
-business ethics. Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten

all references within the paragraph should include page number.

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