Posted: November 3rd, 2017

·         Discuss Frank’s options. What factors will he have to consider while he determines how he will act?

Occupational Socialization


Frank is a new detective assigned to the Hill Street station. During his second week on the job, he overhears a locker-room talk about a big case that the department has solved. Other detectives are concerned about the admissibility of the suspect’s confession because the suspect is claiming that he was intoxicated when he confessed and did not understand his rights. The detectives are concerned that at the preliminary hearing, the judge might invalidate the arrest and confession.


The detectives are convinced of the suspect’s guilt and feel that the confession is important to the case. Frank listens as several of them agree on a version of events to present at the hearing. The detectives apparently intend to commit perjury but feel that it is in the interest of justice to do so. When they notice Frank within earshot, they approach and ask him if they can count on his silence.


Keeping this scenario in mind:


·         Discuss Frank’s options. What factors will he have to consider while he determines how he will act?


·         Is it possible for a new detective to effect any change for the better? Why or why not? Explain what a new employee can possibly do if his or her values are not compatible with the organizational values.


·         Analyze how criminal justice administrators can deal with organizational conflict to ensure that all members of the organization work together for smooth operations and with less conflict. How can they use such a conflict for a positive change?


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